Touchcaste Review by Max Cohee

What is TouchCast?

Touchcast is an app used to record, edit, and upload videos with overlaid widgets and tools from a PC or mobile device.  These can include many things like RSS Feeds to include your tweets and such on top of the video.  You can see a sort of example here:



  • Easily create/edit professional quality videos

  • Presentations are neat and clean

  • App is easy to use

  • Fast “rendering”

  • High Definition

  • Easy to share via social media



  • Resource intensive (both pc/mobile)

  • PC version still in beta, very buggy

  • Very laggy whilst recording

  • Watermark



The app has LOTS of features to use in your TouchCasts (called vApps) and all of them are fairly easy to use.  The social media integration is also really good and easy to share.  You do need a pretty good PC to run the desktop version and even on mobile its fairly laggy.  In addition to these, they put a watermark on top of all of your casts.  All in all it does what it needs to but it has to be optimized to run smoother.




My Example –

TouchCast on iTunes –

TouchCast’s site –