Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts by Noah Dalton

Chromebooks are new to LHS this year and teachers and students are still getting used to using them. Chromebooks are almost like tablets with keyboards on them so they are different from using an iPad or Laptop. To help make chromebooks easier to use, the helpdesk have compiled a list of keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard Shortcuts are a combination of keys that, pressed simultaneously, perform a task that ordinarily would take longer, or require, using the touchpad.

 Show All Chromebook Shortcuts

This list is only the Shortcuts we thought would be the most useful but there are many more. Pressing the following keyboard combo shows all of the possible shortcuts.

Take a Screenshot

To take a screenshot of the entire screen.

Just need a bit of the screen? Pressing the following keyboard combo will allow you to select a section of the screen to snap

Zoom In/Out

(Same Thing On a Windows Computer!)

Zoom in on small text with this shortcut.

Zoom out of a web page.

Reset Zoom to 100% (Thats a zero)

Caps Lock

Our chromebooks at LHS do not have a dedicated caps lock key. so instead of holding shift try this!

Open Task Manager

Incase the chromebook freezes, you can use this to close unresponsive applications. Pretty much the CTRL-ALT-DELETE equivalent for a chromebook.


Logout quickly with this shortcut