Touchcast Review by Zach Glowik


  • Allows for easy recording and sharing of videos

  • User friendly interface

  • Has a number of tools allowing for more interesting videos

  • Allows watchers to click a link and open a web page without pausing the video or leaving the app

  • Has a teleprompter as well as a whiteboard, allowing for planning and explanations


  • Difficult to add effects during recording

  • Some clunky controls

  • “Green screen” functionality completely useless

  • Everything is public

Other thoughts:

Touchcast seems like a pretty quality app for creating skits and informative videos. This, however, seems like the limit of its usefulness. Touchcast feels a lot more like a social networking site that allows you to create and post videos for the public, much like Youtube. Touchcast does allow you a good amount of options when creating a video though. This would make it useful for a reversed class, where the teacher makes a video explaining the material and having students take notes on it. It would also allow for teachers to easily link students to web pages and other outside material to help with explaining. The interactive side of the app is what makes it unique and useful for teachers. For a free app, Touchcast is solid and allows for a good number of options when making the video.