SnapGuide App by Nick Fabrizio


SnapGuide  is a free app that allows you to create guides for various things such as cooking or crafts using media,  pictures , videos and text. This app is available for IOS 4.3 or up and it is created by Heavy Bits. This app allows you to make a guide for anything using text, video, and pictures.  There are a few problems with this app though given apples closed source platform the only way you can add video LEGALLY is to buy it from itunes or record your own. Snapguide is highly crash prone so make sure you save often. It crashed for me three times while working on a guide.This app could be a replacement for powerpoint in some cases or it could be used for directions if you want them accessible on an ipad in an easy to read format. Remember, though, there is a word limit on each direction. Another feature of this app is you can have a cover page amd a supplies page so maybe for a lab you could list for instance “graduated cylinder” as one of your supplies or the formula for an equation if you are a math teacher. A benfit of this app is it has multiple sharing options; hyper links, twitter, facebook, tumbler, and google plus. A downside to this app is a guide can only be created on an ipad but it can be viewed on the web or an ipad. Link “”

Possible uses

Social Studies: Descriptions of historical figures.

Math: formulas for problems

Science: lab directions

English: summary of a book

Foreign Languages: alternative for presentations

Art/Music: how to use Photoshop, or drawing styles

Exemplar: For example I made a guide on how to dual boot an operating system