iPad Deployment from a help desk students’ perspective by Max Cohee


Helpdesk is back for another year!

Over the summer Lynnfield Public Schools deployed about 300 iPads to the freshmen and sophomores.  It was a fairly smooth process especially with the help of all of the teachers and staff working alongside the IT department.  The process was very quick and simple and we were able to deploy all of the iPads at a fairly steady rate with only a few hiccups, being the large influxes of people coming at one time immediately after the assembly. It was an easy process which was composed mainly of signing into iCloud with the student’s Apple ID, enrolling the device to the school domain, setting up email, creating a wallpaper with the students name as well as a passcode to use the device, and sending the students on their way with the iPad, case, and charger. Also the large amount of people whom were unprepared by having an Apple ID and other necessary information was surprising. Fortunately we were able to maintain several stations for Apple ID creation and network password resets.  That went over well also, with the only problem being in the first deployment section when our IP was blacklisted by Apple for the mass amount of Apple ID creation because it appeared as “spam”.  But overall the entire process went over better than expected.

To learn more, go to 1:1 Ipad Initiative