AP Exam Test Prep App Review By Noah Dalton

It’s finally May again and that means AP tests; but don’t worry, there’s an app for that. The AP Exam Prep app made by McGraw Hill is a great app made for studying for AP exams. This app comes with 14 subjects all of which come with 25 questions, which I think, is great for a free app. Although since 25 questions isn’t much to study off of which leads to some bad things about this app. To get more questions for a topic you have to spend about $10. although this seems like a lot for an in-app purchase, it costs just as much as other AP test studying apps, even in some cases less. And also it’s not just a few more questions, it gives you over 450 more. I think this is a great app that offers some great free content, with some interesting features and some somewhat costly add ons that are worth the money.

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