Summer/Spring App by Nick Fabrizio

Runtastic is a pace/step counter that can be abjusted to your bodys weight and hieght to get the maxium use out of this app. Most pace/stepcounters can cost upwards of 75$ or mabey an app but that will still cost you 4.99. This app is free and has the greatest prefomace rating out of all of them including the paid ones. This app also allows you to share you step or pace with others on websites like facebook, twitter and blogs. This app is regulary updated and highly recomended by the community. For Example:

randy Silva – April 27, 2013 – Samsung Admire with version 1.2.4

So far so good

This is the first pedometer app I’ve downloaded that even remotely works. In order for it to count every step, rather than every other step, it’s best to keep it on your chest. I lowered the sensitivity setting to see if that helps

– As you can see this app doesnt skip steps or lag even the least. Thats is what makes it one of my favorite spring/summer time apps.