Travis Allen and the iSchool Initaitive by Noah Dalton


Travis Allen created iSchool As a senior in high school in 2009. While using his iPhone during school, his teachers instructed him to stop using it, even though he was using it as a learning tool. Being frustrated with his schools limitations on technology use he began to form his concept on mobile learning. 4 years ago today he posted a YouTube video on his iSchool concept. His concept was a school with no books, paper or pencils, just iPod touches. Personally I thought this was a great idea utilizing the iPod for that purpose, especially with all of the savings for the school. Since then he has an organization of 11 people and has made numerous appearances at schools and prestigious events. As a collage student he only brings one device to class, his iPhone. I find Travis Allen’s ideas to be very interesting and a great idea on what school should be like with all the techonology we have.

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