GoDocs vs Google Drive App by Zach Glowik

Long story short, GoDocs is a way for people to make money by pretending to be a better way to edit Google Documents. It is a disgusting app and is a completely unnecessary purchase.

Now for the long story…..

As soon as I downloaded the app I was skeptical. I thought that it would do almost nothing different from the Google Drive app. Unfortunately, I was correct. I synced it up with my Google Drive account and attempted to use it… unsuccessfully, a few times. When it finally stopped crashing, I attempted to view a picture, which was in JPEG format, on the app. It did not work and just gave me a blank black screen with no indication as to what may be wrong. The only files it seems to work for are PDFs and the normal Google Drive functions, Document, Spreadsheet, and Presentation.

When I accessed my Documents, it had to sync with the cloud every time I tried to view them, taking up to a minute each, and if my wifi was not active, it simply would not work. At least with the Google Drive app it is possible to work with them offline…..

It is simply a bad idea to spend one penny on this when the free Google Drive app does things so much simpler and better. GoDocs was not very user-friendly, to say the least, as if you had to quickly make a change to a document, you have to wait for it to sync, then open up the editor, which takes another minute to load, and then it will let you make a change.

Simply put, GoDocs is a waste of money and time when there is a simpler, easier to use app available.