3D Printing by Matt Parziale

When you think of printing, you are usually thinking of printing text from the computer onto a page. But, what if you could design and print 3D devices? Well, up to just recently, that technology was extremely expensive and was not available to consumers. In 2010 companies have started developing consumer 3D printers that could print 3D objects from the computer. These prints use a special type of plastic that is very strong. You have to buy the plastic in spools, you can chose which color you want. The company, Makerbot retails their printer that can use two colors at once called the Replicator 2 for $2,200. Thats really cheap considering they used to be tens of thousands of dolars. Here is a video to show you more about the replicator 2:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKTSdW7-H3Q