Testing Out The iPad 2 – Week 3 – Noah Dalton

Finishing up my third week with the iPad, I’ve noticed some more pros and cons about them. One of the more positive things I’ve noticed this week was how nice the keyboard is  once you get used to it.  I can easily type up a slide of notes substantially faster than writing it a notebook. Also the Google drive app works very well for creating and editing google docs as it’s supposed to. Some negative things I’ve noticed this week have mainly been focused surprisingly on notability. The problem I was having is when importing in my geometry notes, which were about ten pages worth, notability barely worked. If I had to type something into the note I would have to deal with the keyboard completely lagging out. The same thing was happening with drawing things in, forcing me to switch back to a notebook and pencil. This happens every time I try to import a PDF of that size, the iPad just can’t handle it. The only other thing I noticed, which is minor, is worrying about the  iPad. I am always worried about it getting damaged or stolen.