Testing Out The iPad 2 -Week 2- Noah Dalton

             11x0302v444ipad2My second week with the ipad was great since I got used to it more. I barely use a pencil now that I have the ipad, just take a picture of the sheet and import it to notability. This feature was also especially useful when I forgot my french workbook; I just took a picture of my friend’s workbook and work on it from there. I did notice myself getting a bit distracted during class with things like checking my email and doodling on notability. I did end up restoring it on my computer so I could put on some more apps like myHomework and Pandora along with the basics like Gmail, Google Drive and Chrome. I also put a couple games which weren’t actually distracting during class, just fun during studies. Overall the iPad is great for just about all school tasks; note taking, checking email, classwork and homework