Ipad Test by Nick Fabrizio

Day 1

I obtained the ipad. Then I installed apps being: Myscriptcalculator, Myhomeworkapp, and penultimate because you have to pay for notablility. I then used the calculator app in math class, instead of using my actual calculator because I had it on hand.

Day 2

The following day I put all my apps in categories because I needed quick access to things. I also changed the background because I did not like the basic one. But you can not relocate the newsstand app so that is the only one not in a folder.

Day 3

I tried to take notes on it in history but it did not work out well because the drag of the ipad screen was preventing me from writing as fast as I needed. This is about all I have done being I had gotten my ipad latter than every one else but it has still come in handy at occasions.