Leap Motion Gesture Controller by Max Cohee

Leap Motion Module

Leap Motion Module

Meet Leap.  It is the future of computer use and navigation.  It is a gesture controlled module that interprets said gestures into messages your computer can actually understand.  It allows you to play a game or navigate a webpage with just the movements of  your hand.

What it does is it creates an 8 cubic foot 3D virtual touch screen in front of your monitor with which you interact.  It tracks all ten fingers, and your whole hand.  It can also be mapped to track other objects, such as a pencil.  It is 200x more accurate than anything on the market.  it is guaranteed accurate at up to 1/100 of a millimeter.  This allows for easy and accurate control of your computer with small movements.

It is still being developed; however developers have already begun to make many apps for it, and any touch-screen app (such as Fruit Ninja) is compatible.  It will be shipped out to the public on May 13, and in Best Buy stores on the 19th.  You can currently pre-order it for the low price of $79.99.

You can find out more or pre-order here: https://www.leapmotion.com/