Insight 360 by Zach Glowik

Mobi 360 is an app for iPads that Lynnfield High School will soon be using on our devices. This app is going to be mainly used for its remote desktop functionality, as well as their easy integration with Smart Boards, however we will also be using them for a couple of other reasons.

For one thing, the app works with Smart Boards quite well, and allows the use of the Smart Board remotely, from anywhere in the classroom. The Mobi 360 app also allows teachers to see what their students are seeing and allows for students to give immediate feedback to the teacher. Teachers are able to run assessments while they are teaching, for example, a teacher could ask the class if they understand the material and get immediate feedback using the Mobi 360 app.

Teachers can also give the students temporary access to manipulating the Smart Board, so a math teacher could ask a student to write out the problem, and this could be displayed on the Smart Board.

There are most likely many more underlying capabilities of this system in the classroom, ones that can only be uncovered by experimenting with the system, but overall this system will help students better interact with their learning, and allow teachers to get better feedback from their students. You can read more about Insight 360 here