Music Streaming Services by Noah Dalton

We’ve all heard of services like Pandora,, or Slacker Radio. They all do the same thing. You type in an artist or song and it will play that song or something similar to it followed by a few advertisements. My personal favorite is Pandora because I always seem to find great new songs and the advertisements aren’t too intrusive. But, soon Google is to add themselves to the already long list of music streaming services. Instead of starting a completely new website, they had the great idea of adding it onto youtube. Not only is it a great way for them to advertise more, but they will probably make more money by offering a monthly fee to get rid of the ads. As Scott Bromley from TheTechFeed asks “Is their really space for another service that’s inevitably going to do the same exact thing?” I think their just isn’t enough room. Websites like Pandora have been streaming music for years, and launching later on this year, I feel like Google’s a bit late to the game. Although, it would be a great addition to youtube if Google executes it well.

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