Smart Wristbands By Noah Dalton

With products like the Nike FuelBand, Jawbone Up and Fitbit Flex, wearable technology is really trending. Devices like this track your activity and sync with iPhone and Android app. Some like the Nike Sportwatch GPS even tell you the route you ran. But with the Rumored Apple watch and a device called MYO by Thalmic Labs, these types of devices are sure to have features geared towards more then just runners. While the apple watch is just rumored, the MYO will be released later on this year. Thalmic Labs claims that MYO to be the next generation of gesture control and can be used with devices you probably already have. You use it to control your PC or Mac using hand gestures, They are also working on iPhone and Android support. Here’s a video showing how it’s used.

I hope that the MYO is truly what it claims to be, it looks really cool and useful. As for the Apple watch, Bloomberg reports that apple has a team of about 100 product designers producing a wristwatch computer, but thats pretty much all we know for sure.

MYO Website: Here

Bloomberg Article: Here