Project Glass (otherwise known as “Google Goggles”)

Google_Glass_detailGoogle announced it’s vision for a pair of glasses that can do much more than aid vision back in 2001 (this was announced as the “Theory of Glass”). Now, the dream is becoming a reality. Project Glass is a project aimed at creating a pair of glasses capable of doing augmented reality, performing google searches, capturing images and video, all from a screen that you always wear and voice commands. This project is right up on the Google X Lab list, along with their driverless car.

What can they do?

The hope is eventually Google Goggles will be able to preform fuctions that every day computers can already do. Such as search on Google, use its camera to capture images and video, provide navigational directions, preform calculations and process data, and even send and recieve messages all from a pair of glasses. The official website ( shows the abilities to engage in Google Hangouts from the glasses, projecting the other people in the hangout on the screen.

How can you get one?

Google Goggles are still in the development stage, and to become a developer, you must pay a fee of $1500 if you are accepted. To apply, you must tweet or post somewhere what you plan to do with the goggles. You can attach videos, pictures, etc.  The application has to be under 140 words.