“iPad For Dummies” by Max Cohee

An iPad

An iPad

iPads are a revolutionary piece of technology, and they are coming to our school next year.  So I presume now is a great time for some information on the subject.  There are 3 buttons (2 momentary and 1 rocker), and 2 ports (1 Apple Charger and 1 3.5mm auxiliary jack).  You probably don’t know what that means.  I’ll make it simple.  There is one button on the top side of the iPad, this is the power button.  In order to make the screen light up so you may interact with your iPad interface, you press this button.  Or if you want to shut it off completely, or turn it back on afterwards, hold this button for ten seconds and then (when turning it off), slide the little bar that appears on the screen saying slide to power off, this step is unnecessary for turning it back on.  Next, the button on the front-facing side of the iPad, the screen, is the home button.  You can also use this to enable the iPad to use it, same as the power button.    Although, it’s main function is to return to the iOS home screen.  For example, if you are in an app, say Safari (web browsing app) and you press the button, you will return to the home screen (the screen with your wallpaper and all of the app icons), or if you are on another page of your apps and you press it you will return to the home screen.  The last button on the iPad is on the side of the iPad, it appears to be one long button but it is one button that rocks to either side.  This is the volume button, it controls the sound of your iPad.  In order to make things louder, press the top of it, t make things quieter, press its lower half.

The large square port in the bottom of the iPad is where you plug in your Apple-issued charger, which supplies your iPad with power to the battery.  The other port is the Auxiliary jack on the TOP/BOTTOM} of the iPad, this is where you plug in headphones so your sounds do not have to play through the speakers.

Those are the basics of the physical features of iPad.  Once you have your iPad on by pressing wither the home or power buttons, slide the small silver bar across the region which says slide to unlock.  This system prevents wasting battery by having it unlock itself in your bag or what have you.  Once you do that you will be brought to your home screen, in order to navigate all of your apps, swipe left or right to change pages, if you go one page to the left of the home screen, it is a search bar where you can search for anything that your iPad contains (apps, music, etc.).  All of your apps will be on the other pages.  Click on an app to launch it and hit the home button to return to the home screen as I stated before. The iPad is a very complex piece of technology, but these are the basics.