Lucidchart By Zach Glowik


Now, here’s something that you probably haven’t even heard of before. Lucidchart is a Google Drive App which allows you to create in-depth flow charts and note pages. This will be an amazingly useful tool for teachers to utilize in making notes for their students. This app even connects to Google Drive so you can share your flow chart or notes with anyone.

Lucidchart gives an easy to use way to create flow charts and notes which you can easily share with anyone. Lucidchart also supports the use of multiple editors, meaning more than one person can interact with and edit the same document at the same time. This also opens up a whole new range of projects, notes, and homework assignments. It would be very easy for a teacher to create and share their note page with their students using this. Also, teachers can now immerse their students even more in their learning by being able to link students to pages, put in images, and make notes easy to understand using a step by step method.

A link to this app can be found below, as well as a little example flow chart.