What is the Surface Tablet? by Max Cohee

The Microsoft Surface Tablet

The Microsoft Surface Tablet

The next big up-and-coming tablet is here. The Microsoft Surface. But is it really what it is advertised to be? The new Surface runs the newest version of Windows 8 ported over for the tablet to be touch screen compatible. It has all features you would find on a PC, including a fully functional keyboard. There are currently two models of the surface available both of which are RT models, one 32GB and one 64GB. They feature 2GB of RAM and a quad core processor. There is a pro model in development which will contain 4GB RAM and a 3rd Gen Intel Processor. Many are skeptical as to whether or not Windows will work well on a tablet, I personally believe it is a great idea. Back to specs, the RT model with 32GB will be $499.99 MSRP, the 64GB model will be $599.99 MSRP. The price for the pro edition is not yet determined but it is guessed to be around $999.99 MSRP, a bit pricey.

Another factor which comes into play is the size of the actual SSD storage. The RT model with 64GB storage only allows 23GB free use storage (space the user can access).  This, obviously, is not blatantly stated and is a very tricky scheme.  It is unlisted the actual amount of free space within the 32GB model, but it is advertised that it is VERY small.  Additionally, the pro (128GB) will have only 86GB free space.  I think that this trick by Microsoft is not right.  This fact actually changed my opinion greatly as to whether or not this tablet surpasses iPad or Android tablets.  You do have to take into account that the OS of Windows 8 is by no means small, along with all the other necessary default software.

As for use of ease, the iPad will surpass any tablet in this category due to iOS.  iOS is most likely the best tablet OS for the regular user due to its simplicity.  That is why i believe if our school is to use tablets, iPad is the right choice.  Not everybody can learn android or Windows 8 easily.  Here in Lynnfield, pretty much everybody has accessed an iOS device, whether it be a friends iPhone/iPad or their own, they are very common.  I have let friends use my phone (Samsung Galaxy Nexus) on many occasions and they could not figure it out, that is why iOS is superior, ease of access.  That is why the best choice for a school-use tablet is an iPad.  (Although I hate to admit it).