Tweeting your ballot?

By Sandy Lam
The concensus of the 2012 Election between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney was very close. In the United States, it is a privilege to vote for who, we the people, want to lead our country on the right path. As social network sites are on the rise, more and more teenagers are putting their private business on the internet. With the rise of smart phones with data packages correlates with the easy ability to tweet and upload photos where ever you are. It is claimed that some invididuals took photos of their voting ballots and uploaded them to Twitter and Instagram. Whom someone votes for in the privacy of the polling areas, I believe is no one else’s concern. Although actual prosecution is unlikely, most states do prohibit filming or photography inside the polling places. On the other hand, for some reason, some states do not necessarily prohibit photography. The following picture was taken in a state who did not prohibit the use of a cellular device in the polling place.

While some states prohibit the act of taking a picture of a voting ballot, the state of Rhode Island does not. This picture was taking by an individual who voted in that state.